SKULL N BONES is a Motorcycle Club and Edgy Lifestyle-Brand predominantly serving in the areas of motorcycle culture, rock music & extreme sports. Which are to include, but not limited to: Bikers, Rockers, Skaters, Surfers, Racing Athletes, Extreme Sports Enthusiasts, and Military Veterans. 

SKULL N BONES was concepted when founder Mick Jammersfield was a U.S. Marine serving as a Helicopter Aerial-Gunner in the Iraq War. Once a civilian and upon attending college, he found himself residing in Southern California, a place where he felt his environment concurred with his lifestyle. However, eventually making his way as a rock-jock radio personality, playing guitar in several rock bands, and being an avid motorcycle rider as well as a surfer, he felt the need to create a lifestyle brand that was lacking for him and his demographic alike. Thus he created the brotherhood and lifestyle brand, Skull N Bones. 

Skull N Bones often hosts or attends events & has its own radio show on iHeart Radio: Skull N Bones Radio

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to create, maintain, & cater to the edgy lifestyle that we live and share within our brotherhood.

Vision Statement:

Our vision is to expand our brand to better serve our community in many different avenues. From edgy apparel, to energy drinks, to unfiltered radio that main-stream radio shy's away from, we aim to become a one stop shop brand for our tight knit community. Skull N Bones also helps a lot of various charities for children in need and struggling military veterans.

We proudly support our Troops!


Any make of cruiser as long as it is a cruiser. (We will not discriminate). 600cc's minimum. 

Monthly meetings: 1st Wed every month at the VFW on University Ave San Diego 92115 @7pm.

President of MC Club: Jean Val Jean (JVJ)

Contact: 407-782-3086

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